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The objectives of the Centre for Economic Development and Public Affairs are to:

- promote new education and information technologies, and develop an information society in the Republic of Moldova (e-commerce, e-government);
- organize workshops and training seminars, provide consulting services.

Hence, in 2004, there was organized an International Conference entitled “Development Trends in Information Society” sponsored by the Embassy of the USA in the Republic of Moldova, and the United Nations Development Programme. The representatives of 6 countries participating in the conference analyzed the influence of information technologies on the economic development by presenting almost 100 reports on current trends in e-economy and e-commerce.

Negotiating the Cooperation Convention with
the Italian Logistics Association (AILOG)
(to the right – President of AILOG,
PhD. Domenico Netti)

Besides organizing international conferences, the centre provides training courses for professional development. The course in Logistics and Supply Chain Management is a relevant example of cooperation between AESM and the Italian Logistics and Supply Chain Management Association (AILOG). The course is designed for senior students, teachers, entrepreneurs, managers and experts in the supply and distribution departments, production facilities, and wholesale warehouse management. Professional training is provided by Italian experts (internationally recognized professors, experts from well-known companies, as Lavazza SpA, Coca Cola Bevande, and Pirelli SpA etc.) in cooperation with specialists from Moldova. Additionally, CEDPA and MoldPRO have jointly organized a series of seminars in the field of e-commerce in Orhei, Telenesti, and other regions of the Republic of Moldova.

Currently, the centre organizes a new cycle of training courses both for junior and senior staff which aims at informing the national specialists on the methods and software widely used by Western countries. The courses are taught by experts in accounting, Wiz Count, informatics and foreign languages (English, German).

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